Reduce or Eliminate
Your Printer Repair Costs


It's easy. Refer other companies to our National Printer Repair
If they call us, or you send us a lead, and we close the deal, You get credit toward your next printer repair.

Who Are We?

The MIDCOM Service Group is a printer repair company that offers services throughout the United States and Canada. We provide expert repair of business class printers such as label printers, barcode printers, line printers, HP DesignJet Plotters, dot-matrix printers, and laser printers. We offer guaranteed onsite or depot repair at affordable rates and have been in business since 1982.

Reduce Your Printer Repair Costs or Eliminate Them.

Simply mention or email our services to acquaintances. When we close the account and the customer pays us, we'll credit your account. The credit will be applied to your next printer repair that can add up to Reduced or Eliminated Printer Repair Costs. . It's that easy!

Start reducing your printer repair costs today!
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